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Mondays thru Fridays 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Service Charges

Our Service Charges
Physical Therapy Evaluation* – $450.00

Physical Therapy Consultation* – $250.00

Physical Therapy Session (60 minutes) – $180.00

Occupational Therapy Consultation*  – $250.00

Occupational Therapy Session (60 minutes) – $180.00

Speech Therapy Consultation* – $250.00

Speech therapy Session (60 minutes) – $180.00

Progress Report – $100.00

Infant Development Center Based Program – 1 session x 3 hours in length – $250.00

Dear Customers,

We accept the following funding/insurance plans:

Private payments (Visa, Master cards and cash), 

Kaiser Permanente Medical group, 

Cedar Sinai group Health Associates HMO insurance plan, 

Westside and Frank Lanterman Regional Centers funding

ALL PPO Blue Shield of California plans 

Please note that Regional Center, Kaiser and Cedar medical group patients must  be referred to LAIPT by their own referral services.

*Your child’s therapy will always start with an evaluation or a consultation in order to examine your child’s performance.  The therapist might perform standardized testing or/and clinical observation to establish a base line and to determine goals on which your child will work for the next three to six months.